we are a learning team

Learning should be a process of self-improvement

About our company

Harmonic Learning Education and Training, LLC is a holistic education center built on the idea of providing long-term, individualized academic assistance to K-12 students of all ages and abilities. We also provide career certifications in the foodservice industry. Our learning center is located inside of Pensacola Heritage Title at 2400 W. Michigan Ave, Suite 2, in the beautiful city of Pensacola, Florida.

Each student is treated as a unique individual, and we understand that every student has different learning styles that should be matched with the ideal teaching style. With online and in-center availability, we offer a friendly, welcoming environment and dedicated learning coaches that prepare students to thrive in any academic setting. Our commitment to improving academic performance and building confidence has made us trusted, longstanding members of the community we serve. From early learning to college preparation, we are your partner for every step of the academic journey. We are committed to our partnership by offering a 3-part holistic approach to increased academic performance: LOVE, FUN, AND LEARNING!

All of our clients start with a free phone consultation where we can assess the student’s needs and create a customized plan for their academic goals.  Tutoring is not a quick fix to academic performance. It is more than just about mental development and memorizing information. Learning should be a process of self-improvement! Our holistic approach is to look beyond the surface of poor academic performance and treat the root of the problem by encompassing psychological, social, and emotional growth.   

Need encouragement? our Learning Coaches will motivate you!

About our coaches

At Harmonic Learning Education and Training, we are committed to academic excellence.  We source only the best learning coaches from around Florida.  Each and every one goes through an extensive interview process to make sure they are the right pick for your family.  

Since there is much more to academic performance than what happens in the classroom, we make a point of getting to know your student on a personal level.  We understand that every student learns differently, which is why we provide a comfortable and supportive environment that encourages intellectual and personal growth. Learning coaches are mentors!  

Harmonic Learning Education and Training values high-energy engagement, positive attitudes, and proven competency in our learning coaches. Our goal is to provide outstanding academic results for all of our clients.  To accomplish this, we recruit coaches that are both technically proficient and socially refined.  Our learning coaches are young professionals, grad students, and undergrad students who are academically successful in advanced core subjects and college entrance exams, but also capable teachers with years of learning experience and a gift for connecting with young students. They are passionate about working with students and helping them improve their educational experience.  Each student is matched with the learning coach that best fits their needs and can communicate the material with the intent to maximize retention. 

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

Train With Passion and get results